Why are there no blockbusters?

Usually I go gung ho when it comes to flights and movies. Since I started flying more regularly, I’ve managed to watch roughly 4-5 films a flight which is decent given an average of 2 hours per movie and a 12 hour flight. One of the things about Emirates that I love is that the entertainment system is live once you board. There’s no need to wait until the flight has taken off or worry about it shutting off during lay-overs. For some reason though, perhaps due to my general tiredness after a taxing school year, the selection of movies available weren’t that appealing.

Admittedly, I’d already watched Skyfall the night before, but there seemed to be a general lack of big movies. Jack the Giant Slayer was always a bit bland in my view, nothing too good can result from a heavily digital film that originates from a child’s tale. I suspect that there were quite a few movies designed to be released for the summer period which unsurprisingly weren’t yet available on flights yet. A lot of this year’s Oscar films were available though, although I never did get time to watch Argo. To be fair, the Hobbit was available, but seeing as I hadn’t seen the earlier ones, it seemed a bit silly to watch the mammoth of a movie.

Emirates' A380/Boeing777 is still undoubtedly better than the EasyJet I took during easter

Emirates’ A380/Boeing777 is still undoubtedly better than the EasyJet I took during easter

In between the uncharacteristically high levels of sleeping, I managed to watch Snitch, Oz and even sneaked in the first half of Django Unchained on the way to Dubai from London. Snitch was good in so far as it managed to avoid the typical scenes of unnecessary violence and large explosions. The storyline was really quite good, somewhat psychological and very realistic. But whilst that made the better part of the film all the more believable, it made the final scene just a tad difficult to believe, what with a sideways exploding truck, guns, cars being flipped over, people shot, police running around, did I miss anything?

I was actually quite sceptical of Oz, was worryingly like Jack the Giant Slayer, but it turned out OK. James Franco didn’t do quite as badly as he is reported to have done in the past and the storyline was fine. I’m not sure exactly where it falls though. It strikes me as a wee bit too sinister for a very young audience, and might be a tad standard and predictable for the young-adult. At least the storyline was easier to follow that Django unchained. Quentin Tarantino is brilliant, although Kill Bill is still probably my favourite. Who else can spin a two and a half our movie out of a seemingly simple series of events. It was cinematically excellent and although the film only really started once they go to Candyland, the hour long build-up of the two main characters was breath-taking. With a lack of movies that interested me much, I went for Chinese Zodiac as we reached the end of our flight to HK. Jackie Chan managed some good stuns, and it was all a good laugh.

Hopefully there’ll be a better set of movies waiting for the flight back in October. If only the summer films are available then, I might have the joy (or pain) of picking between Man of Steel, The Great Gatsby, Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, Monster University, The Smurfs 2 and The Wolverine.