WIDPSC 2013 – Grand Final [VIDEOS]

Other WIDPSC 2013 videos can be found in my earlier post. These are only from the Grand Finals hosted at the Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Debating Grand Final
Motion: THW sacrifice economic gain for the good of the environment
Proposition: Nick Marine (South Africa) and Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
Opposition: Joseph Kahn (South Africa) and William Richardson (Canada)
Result: Joseph Kahn – Champion; Emma Pottinger – 1st runner-up; Nick Marine – 2nd runner-up; William Richardson – 3rd runner-up

After-Dinner Speech Champion
Emily Leijer (Australia)

Interpretive Reading Champion
Ryan Sherbo (Canada)

Persuasive Speaking Champion
Eleonora Lekaviciute (Lithuania)

Impromptu Speaking Champion
Nicolo Mazaro (USA)

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