Oxford Schools Debating Tournament 2013 – Finals Day [RESULTS]

The finals day of the Oxford Schools Debating Tournament 2013 was sucessfully held yesterday at the Oxford Union. I rather brutal tournament where 87 teams competed to break into the Grand Finals.

After four tough rounds of debating, the following teams emerged atop the tab:

1. Westminster A (Ellie Shearer, Louis Willis) – 11, 658
2. Eton ET (Harry Elliott, Toby Tricks) – 10, 670
3. Dulwich KP (Arnav Kapur, Patrick Kenny) – 10, 640
4. TWGGS A (Lucy McCann, Elly May) – 10, 635

On the motion that TH Opposes The Funding And Arming Of The Syrian Rebels By Western Nations, Closing Opposition, Eton ET, emerged as Champions of the Oxford Schools Debating Tournament 2013. I understand there was a recording of the Finals but I’m not sure where it might resurface.

A full tab may be released by the organisers, the speaker and team tabs as relased on the evening are included below.

Team Tab

Speaker Tab