Debating Archive: ASDC 2009 Public Speaking Topics

While I’ve been sorting the remains of two years at UWC Atlantic College, or at least that which I have brought back to Hong Kong, I’ve also been sorting through old notes and files which is where I stumbled upon this list of topics used at the inaugural Asian Schools Debating Championships 2009 in Manila, Philippines.

The Grand Finals were incidentally won by Prakash Sanker from South Island School (HK)

What’s more heart breaking, debate or love?
Which adjudication core member would you date?
How to loose a girl in 10 days
Should life partner be debate partner?
Should we deny non-tax paying citizens the right to love?
Why girl is better than whip
Why is chocolate a better boy food
I kissed a gay and I liked it

Why the grass is greener on the other side
Why my sex is better than the other
Why is true love overrated
Who is the most beautiful/handsome person you’ve seen in ASDC
Why your home country is more awesome than the rest
Why are there two less lonely people in the world
Why I’m not that innocent
WHy is my milkshake better than yours
What is true love
Would you ever go back in time to live in a simpler era?