WSDC 2013 – Grand Final and Awards [RESULTS]

WSDC 2013 Grand Final (from WSDC Ltd. credits Chris Sanchez)

Results still incomplete.
This is Australia’s 9th Championships having previously won in 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2001, 2000, 1998 and 1997. It is their 14th Grand Final apperance, which means they have won nearly two-thirds of their Grand Final apperances. It is the third WSDC tournament for 2013 WSDC Best Speaker Bo Seo, who also debated for Team Australia in the 2011 Grand Finals. Swaziland may not have won the championship this year, but they have certainly had an amazing run to the Grand Final in only their 2nd WSDC tournament.

Grand Finals: Australia 9-0 Swaziland
Champions: Australia
Runners-up: Swaziland

Best ESL Team: Peru
Best EFL Team: Indonesia

Top 10 Best Speakers
1. Bo Seo (Australia)
2. Fanele Mashwama (Swaziland)
3. Pavan Hegde (Hong Kong)
4. Darion Hotan (Singapore)
5. Tom Simpson (New Zealand)
6. Zoe Brown (Australia)
7. James Lo (Hong Kong)
8. James Penn (New Zealand)
9. Aodhán Peelo (Ireland)
10. Tyrone Connell (Australia)

ESL Best Speakers
1. Siddarth Shrikanth (India)
2. Jose de los Heros (Peru)
3. Aaron Luke (Malaysia)
4. Dhruva Bhat (India)
5. Shriya Narayanan (India)

Thanks to @tautoru, @AustSchoolsTeam and @Sayeqa for tweeting these.


  1. The second ESL speaker is Jose de los Heros from Peru. I Just confirm it with a member of Team Peru.

  2. The Mexican team contains two native English speakers, and per the rules is therefore not eligible to be an ESL team.

  3. Paul. That is not correct. the final ranking of teams does depend on how far one got in the out rounds, but in any case Mexico finished ahead of Peru after the prelims…

    1. I’m not sure about Husan. The official tab isn’t out yet. As with ESL, I can’t confirm that either. But that’s what was tweeted by people at the ceremony. It’s not based on how far they reach in the out-rounds, but rather dependent on their performance in the preliminary rounds.

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