WSDC 2013 – Round 3 [RESULTS]

Results for the third round of the 2013 World Schools Debating Championships in Antalya, Turkey.
This is an unofficial compilation of results; hopefully the organiser will release the full set of provisional results reasonably soon to give us a better idea of the results of those debates that haven’t already made their way to the internet.

R3: THS greater US military presence in East Asia

China 3-0 Hungary
Mexico 3-0 Korea
India 3-0 Bangladesh
England 3-0 Pakistan
Lithuania 3-0 Sweden
Malaysia 3-0 South Afria
Singapore 3-0 Philippines
Turkey 3-0 Kuwait
USA 3-0 Lebanon
Australia 3-0 UAE
Hong Kong 3-0 Canada
New Zealand 3-0 Ireland
Czech Republic 3-0 Japan
Denmark 2-1 Romania
Greece 2-1 Israel
Indonesia 2-1 Bosnia Herzegovina
Germany 2-1 Qatar
Slovenia 2-1 Wales
Chile 2-1 Bermuda
Scotland 2-1 Thailand
Swaziland 2-1 Slovakia [The original document indicates 3-1 which I presume is incorrect]
Netherlands 2-1 Estonia
Mongolia 2-1 Argentina