A snowy Oxford

At midnight (UK time) last night, I was walking back home from College when I encountered what I thought would be a highly annoying bout of rain. I haven’t had to use my umbrella since I got back and I was not looking forward to having to pull it out. Thankfully, it turns out to be something much better, although not necessarily less annoying. SNOW! Finally, what didn’t happen over Christmas or the New Year was now falling onto my nicely wrapped and protected head. It was only a few flakes, but I was happy enough that I’d seen snow.

I thought it’d be the sort that disappears once it hits the ground. That’s exactly what they were doing at midnight. S oI was pleasantly surprised to wake up and find the grass and everything outside covered in a nice blanket of white snow. So glad, although now I’m going to have to make use of those boots of mine. Here’s some photos of Oxford in snow.