WSDC 2013 – Team Canada

Oliver (center first row), Anisah (right first row), Nasra (right second row), Jessie (center third row), Julia (right third row)

Team Canada for 2013 has joined tumblr, returning to the metaphorical internet airways that were last visited by Team Canada in 2010. They now have a twitter handle (@wsdccanada2013) as well as a tumblr where you can read about Team Canada in their own words. Here’s Team Canada:

  • Anisah Mahomed {Returning from WSDC 2013} (C)
  • Jessie Dorfmann {Returning from WSDC 2012}
  • Julia Milden
  • Nasra Moumin
  • Oliver Bjornsson

Alternate: Alessandra Harkness

Team Canada are coached by Elisa Frank (Judge at WSDC 2008 and WSDC 2010) and Josh Judah.

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