Cambridge IV 2012 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 2012 Cambridge Inter-Varsity Debate Tournament. Unfortunately, missing open break QF and ESL SF motions.

R1: THBT the State should pay a living wage to stay at home parents
R2: THBT all donor countries should freeze development aid to Rwanda
R3: THW Hold the Senior Executives of Major Banks and Rating Agencies criminally liable for their companies’ actions during the Global Financial Crisis
R4: THBT Democratic Reform is more important than Economic Growth for China
R5: THW never allow prosecutors to offer reduced sentences or lesser charges in exchange for testifying against others

SF: THBT all companies should be at least 75% owned by their work force in equal shares
GF: THBT Egypt should provide a military security guarantee against an invasion of Gaza

ESL GF: THBT Japan shall not abandon nuclear power