WSDC 2013 – Team South Africa

Following South Africa’s National Schools Debating Competition and the South African Schools Debating Team Trials, 12 trialists were whittled down to just 5 whom will form the team for WSDC 2013 in Turkey. They are:

    An incomplete photo of Team South Africa for WSDC 2013 from SADebatingTeam

  • Collin Besaans
  • Josh Broomberg
  • Emma Gates Pottinger {Returning member of WSDC 2011 and WSDC 2012}
  • Joseph Kahn
  • Saul Musker {Returning member of WSDC 2012}

The team is joined by reserve member Daniel Peter.
It appears that the team is coached by Brandon Almeida and Vashthi Nepaul; aided by Brynne Guthrie.

Those wishing to follow Team South Africa should find an ample stream of information from their twitter account: @SADebatingTeam

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