TWSDC 2012 Overall Results, Grand Finals, Rankings

The 3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships concluded last night at the Landmark Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Here are a compilation of the various results of the tournament.

The Grand Finals underway

Grand Finals
Champion: Malaysia
Runners-up: Xavier School

On the motion that ‘THBT corporations are not people’, Malaysia beat Xavier School by the slimmest of margins, with a 5-4 split decision.

Top 10 Speakers

  1. Aaron Lee (Malaysia)
  2. Josh Broomberg (South Africa)
  3. Joe Kahn (South Africa)
  4. Justin Lee (HKSDC)
  5. Emma Pottinger (South Africa)
  6. Eunice Leung (HKSDC)
  7. Natalie So (HKSDC)
  8. Donald Felbaum (Xavier School)
  9. Tan Tse Hao (Malaysia)
  10. Raynard Lao (Xavier School)

Semifinalists receive their certificates from the Chinese Ambassador to Thailand

Top 10 Adjudicators

  1. TJ
  2. Brynne Guthrie
  3. LP
  4. Iris Zhang
  5. T
  6. Arpaporn Tangkrisanakajorn
  7. Siraj
  8. Steven Lee
  9. Keana Reinu
  10. Gary Sakuma

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