TWSDC 2012 Semifinal results, Grand final match-up

The semifinals motion was ‘THBT military intervention is justified to protect civilians from the state’. The theme being Syria.

WSDC Malaysia Team beat HKSDC 1 by 5 votes to 2.
Xavier School beat HKSDC 2 unanimously (7 votes).

This means that the Grand Finals will contested between WSDC Malaysia and Xaveir School on the motion that ‘THBT corporations are not people’

In other Hong Kong related news, the Grand Final adjudication panel will include both Iris Zhang and Steven Lee, a certain recognition of their adjudication.

Debaters also participated in the official opening ceremony of ASIS’s new campus at which we have been based for TWSDC. Here are some pictures of the celebrations, courtesy of Brynne at SADebatingTeam. In addition to speeches, there were also a Marching Band, a Lion Dance and firecrackers.