TWSDC 2012 Rounds 4-6

The preliminary rounds of the 3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships are coming to a close with the conclusion with Round 6 earlier today. One round remains before 16 teams break to the octo-finals.

Convening Room

The day began with Round 4’s impromptu motion that ‘TH supports rehabilitation over retribution for juveniles’. Round 5 saw teams compete on the prepared motion that ‘THW sign an international treaty banning Cyber warfare’. The day was concluded with Round 6 on the motion that

THW require schools to stop teaching a gender normative* curriculum**’. *Based upon societal stereotype of traditional gender rules. **Courses, subject matter and activities.

After the initial 6 rounds, only Team Malaysia stand with a perfect record of a 6-0 win-loss ratio. They are almost certain to break. Although the top of the tab was initially almost exclusively populated with international teams, a number of local Thai teams have put together a strong run of debates today to push their way into the top brackets.

It will be interesting to see how the break turns out tomorrow, especially as an evaluation as to the sliding-power-pairing system. Following the lunch-time announcement of the break, tomorrow will see the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, both impromptu debates with an hours preparation.