TWSDC 2012 Rounds 1 to 3

TWSDC is now in full swing with three rounds of debate today. There are 30 teams (one swing team) and today saw two prepared motions and one impromptu motion. Round 1 started with the motion ‘THBT the Eurozone should harmonize its debt through Eurobonds’ and random pairing. After a quick lunch outdoors to the very very recently finished ASIS, the first impromptu round began with the motion that ‘THBT states should not compensate individuals who choose to live in disaster areas’. After two rounds, the sliding-power-pairing system has begun to separate teams with largely international teams sitting near the top. Round 3 was on the prepared motion that ‘THW make the protection of human rights a condition for receiving developmental aid’.

After the end of the day, teams left on their own, grabbing dinner and doing further preparation in their own order. Tomorrow will also see three debates (Round 4 to 6). Both round 4 and round 6 are impromptu motions to be released with 1 hour preparation. Round 5 will be on a prepared motion; either on cyberwarfare or religious conversions.

Many thanks to Gary for uploading a video of the Test Debate, full details can be found in my previous post.


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