Results for 2nd China National High School Debating Championships 2012

Finalists and members of the organizing committee

The 2nd China National High School Debating Championships 2012 was once again hosted in Hangzhou, China, from 7th to 14th July at the prestigious Hangzhou Foreign Languages School. A total of 52 teams competed in 8 preliminary rounds followed by a octo-final break; all in WSDC format.

The Grand Final was between Team Fat Boy (Hangzhou Foreign Languages School) and Team Two Rivers (Chengdu Foreign Languages School). Team Fat Boy won by 4-3 on the motion that ‘THW ban corporations from donating to political campaigns’. Peter Yang of Team Two Rivers was awarded the Best Speaker of the Grand Final award.

Ann Shen Chong of Team Memeda (Nanjing Foreign Languages School) was awarded Best Speaker of the Tournament.

Breaking Teams
GF: Fat Boy (Champion) [Breaking position: 4]
GF: Two Rivers [2]
SF: Memeda [1]
SF: Fountain Head [6]
QF: Bazahei [3]
QF: Deja Vu [5]
QF: Go! [8]
QF: Deathly Hallows [10]
OF: Phoenix [7]
OF: Missing Mocking Birds [9]
OF: Dr Hannibal Lecter [11]
OF: Comrade Napoleon [12]
OF: Trio [13]
OF: Xiong [14]
OF: SBs [15]
OF: A to Z [16]

Best Speakers
1. Ann Shen Chong (NFLS), Nanjing, Team Memeda
2. Peter Yang (CFLS), Chengdu, Team Two Rivers
3. Yin Meiran (NFLS), Nanjing, Team Memeda
4. Will Zhang Wei (HFLS), Hangzhou, Team Bazahei
5. Shirley Xiong Jianing (HFLS), Hangzhou, Team Fat Boy
6. Johnny Chen Jingtian (HFLS), Hangzhou, Team Fountain Head
7. Michael Xu (HFLS), Hangzhou, Team New Territory
8. Lu Yucheng (ex-NFLS), Nanjing, Team New Territory
9. Gollum Yang (CFLS), Chengdu, Team Two Rivers
9. Tina Hu (NFLS), Nanjing, Team Go!
10. Xie Pancho (CFLS), Chengdu, Team Crossy Kids

Special Awards
Most Enthusiastic Debater Award: Wang Yiming
Most Stylish Debater Award: Wei Kerui
Most Humourous Debater Award: Michael Xu
Most Public-Spirited Debater Award: Lu Yucheng
Most Improved Debater Award: An Peibo
Most Charismatic Debater Award: Zhao Junhan
Most Loveable Debater Award: Tony Chen
Most Likely to be a Leader Award: Tina Hu
Most Admired Debater Award: Chen Silin
Most Knowledgeable Debater Award: Wang Zhengjie

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Next year’s tournament will be held in late July 2013 at Nanjing Foreign Languages School.

Source: Loke Wing Fatt