TWSDC 2012 Prepared Motions [MOTIONS]

The prepared motions for the 3rd Thailand World Schools Debating Championships to be hosted by the Anglo Singapore International School in Bangkok, Thailand from August 22nd – August 28th.

THW make the protection of Human Rights a condition for receiving Developmental Aid
THW sign an international treaty banning Cyber warfare
THBT the Euro Zone should harmonize its debt through Eurobonds
THW ban all religions from actively seeking conversions

GF: THBT Corporations are not people

TWSDC 2012 will see 7 preliminary rounds (4 prepared, 3 impromptu) followed by a 16 team break to Octo-finals. Teams will not be notified of whether they are proposition or opposition, as a result, teams will have 30 minutes preparation time for prepared motions and 60 minutes for impromptu motions.

Sides will be “determined randomly by a Power-Slide Pairing Draw, based upon the Australs and Asian Parliamentary Debates, these rules are detailed in the constitution and tournament rulebook on the website.”

Source: TWSDC 2012 Facebook Group