It has been nearly three years since I started blogging here. It has been, for me, an amazing journey, what with over 140,000 views and nearly 700 posts so far. From the original intent of being a collection of my opinions, this blog has grown to become a key source of debating news as I began to attend international level competitions. In many ways, this blog has evolved like me, as I moved half-way around the world to attend UWC Atlantic College, a whole new set of posts about those experiences sprang up.

At times, I’ve found the blog a little bit too messy for my liking, too hard to find exactly what I’m interested at that moment, a little too much content without it all being nicely sorted and easy to access. Inspired by Dennis G Campbell during the AC Arts Festival 2012 and with all the time in the world on my hands now during summer, I’ve done a little spring cleaning and updated the blog. Here is 4.0.

As with previous changes, there is now a new look, courtesy of the The Journalist v1.9 theme. The pages, sidebars and other aesthetic aspects have been simplified with a greater focus being placed on new posts, which have become the main focus of my attention and the blog. To make things easier to find, the categorisation of posts has been simplified into the three main areas on which I post about:

  1. Opinion pieces/editorials/op-eds have always been the primary idea behind the blog. Now they are all easily located under one category, whether they are about politics, economics or other social issues
  2. Blogs originated from the term weblog, an online log of the authors life. Unsurprisingly, many posts are about my personal experiences. Whether this was during my time at UWC Atlantic College, while I’m at Oxford or just other posts about my adventures.
  3. It began with me blogging in the run-up and during WSDC 201. Since then, I have continued blogging about WSDC 2011, WSDC 2012 and posted motions for use by others. As such, it is fitting that debating, motions and MUN related posts are now housed under the same roof: Discourse

Hopefully these changes and updates will keep this blog easy to access as it continues to grow (hopefully) in the net few months. If we’re really lucky, these changes will accommodate any likely growth while I’m at university, but rest assured I hold no reservations about rebuilding the site again should it become necessary.


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