Java Overland Varsities English Debate 2012 [MOTIONS]

Prepared motions for the 2012 Java Overland Varsities English Debate (JOVED) in Indonesia

Tears and Blood
THW prosecute Libyan rebels for war crimes committed during the Libyan Revolution
TH regrets the increase of China’s military spending
THW ban the use of drones in combats

THBT states should provide military assistance to environment militants
THBT countries with high emission rates, such as but not limited to China and India, should financially aid developing countries to switch from primitive and outdated energy technologies to modern energy technologies in order to reduce soot
THW create country quotas for the acceptance of Environmentally Displaced People and allow for trade of these obligations

THBT, with or without approval from other members, Greece should immediately leave the Eurozone
THBT IMF is better off without Western control
THW sell national territories to foreign entities to reduce budget deficits

THBT the state should never be allowed to force someone to testify in court, even if it doesn’t incriminate him/herself
THW revoke Arizona Senate Bill 1070
THBT Haiti should abolish statutory limitations for crimes against humanities from its National Constitution