Motions of the Canton IV 2012

Round 1
1)THW ban homeschooling
2) THBT school uniforms are harmful
3) THW make university education free for all

Round 2
1) THBT China should abolish the One Child Policy
2) THBT China should allow provinces to use local dialects (Cantonese, Shanghainese, etc) as a medium of instructions in schools
3) THW abolish all restrictions on immigration between Hong Kong and Mainland China

Round 3
1) THBT police should openly use racial profiling
2) THBT criminal defense should only be done by publicly funded attorneys
3) THBT states that have abolished the death penalty should be allowed to extradite criminals to countries that have not

Round 4
1) THBT the state should fund abortions
2) THBT the state should subsidize private home ownership
3) TH rejects the minimum wage

Round 5
1) THW abolish all race-based affirmative action policies (‘bumiputra’) in Malaysia
2) THW forgive and forget the crimes of the Burmese military junta
3) THBT ASEAN should prioritize its relationship with China over its relationship with the United States

Round 6
1) THBT parents should not have the right to indoctrinate their children into a particular religion
2) THW remove tax exemptions from religious organizations that teach that homosexuality is a sin
3) THB in the right to offend religions

Quarter Finals
1) THW exempt indigenous people from environmental protection laws
2) THBT owners and former owners of corporations should not be allowed to run for public office
3) THBT there should be no monarchies in democracies

Semi Finals
1) THBT schools should actively subvert gender norms
2) THBT the feminist movement should denounce the sadomasochistic conception of the dominatrix
3) THBT the feminist movement should stop opposing the burqa

Grand Finals
1) THBT individuals affiliated with deposed dictators should not be allowed to stand for elections
2) THBT American soldiers accused of crimes against afghan civilians should be tried in Afghan courts
3) THW use private military contractors for peacekeeping operations