Norway: Part 2

I spent the remainder of my two weeks in Norway with Heidi (Norwegian first year) in Oslo. What a city, and what a week. Oslo is small enough to traverse on foot and makes visiting everything a heck of a lot easier. At the same time, it is big enough to have a bit of everything; lots of parks, museums and attractions, all within easy access. I also loved the amount of green space in Oslo, it’s really quite a change from Hong Kong, and surprising how much green space can be found in the little city center. I had quite a bit of sun, generally good weather and even managed to avoid the heavy rain. Boy did we do a lot that week.

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16km run, go by the King’s holiday home, visit the Royal Palace, visit Parliament, play cards; 22km run, attend a youth party meeting, walk atop the Opera House, play cards; pick up an American (Issac, USA, AC11-13), visit an ancient castle and fortress, check out an old tall ball, stumble upon the Oslo Music Day, play Chinese checkers; hike for 8 hours in the forest, look at old preserved viking ships, stand where the Nobel Peace Prize is handed out; go for another run, chill out at home, attend a birthday part; go for another run, attend a history class on 17th century Norway, go to a local library, visit a radio station, walk through Oslo City Museum, see lots of naked statues in a park (don’t worry, all legit)… and sleep a bit in-between.

I was able to get a pretty good glimpse of Oslo in (hopefully) all it’s summer colors. A wonderful little city, so different but so much fun. A lovely end to a much-needed post-IB holiday!


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