Norway: Part 1

After many goodbyes and farewells at the formal conclusion of my high-school life, I promptly set-off for Norway, where I spent about two weeks. I, along with a group of above a dozen other AC students managed to land at Oslo Gardermoen airport despite a lost passport, two lengthy full-security bag checks and a lot of running from one place to another. After a (relatively) short train journey and a car ride, we arrived at Jacob’s (Norwegian co-year of mine) where we were more than happy to crash after a few sleepless nights signing yearbooks, or sleeping at Heathrow as was the case for a few first years.

The next two days were surprisingly lazy, consisting of a bunch of games in Jacob’s garden as we enjoyed the Norwegian sun, a lot of brilliant food and a trip to the beach somewhere along the way. I don’t know what got the better of me, but I somehow found myself atop a 10 meter diving platform, committing myself to launching off it. It’s probably relevant to note that I’ve never dived off anything taller than 3 meters and even then, (some 5 years back?) emerged with a sore back. 10 meters is a long way, but the scariest thing is the 3-4 seconds before you hit the water. It was enough time for me to wonder what exactly I was doing before I plunged into the water; or in the case of Oli (my Welsh roommate), to scream f*** 4 times. Let’s just say I probably won’t be diving anytime soon =D

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On Saturday, we headed off to Jacob’s family’s summer cabin on an island in the Oslo fjord, an absolutely beautiful and quaint little island. Funnily enough, we didn’t move beyond the initial clump of trees surrounding the cabin for the next 3 days. Of course, between the homemade pizzas and fire-roasted chicken, we also managed to fit the compulsory dips into the cold Norwegian fjord, a few sunbathing sessions and even a jellyfish fight. We did eventually go exploring around the island and I managed to fit in a kayaking session somewhere.

All-in-all, the perfect way to start the summer holidays; lots of relaxation and catching up on sleep. Many thanks to Jacob, his family and his extended family for letting us stay at their home, cabin and island.

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