Evolution of the Workspace

Apologies for the lack of personal updates. It’s been a rather busy few weeks with mock exams handed back to us and a general race to finish the syllabus and get on to revision. I’ve been spending/will inevitably spend most of the remaining weeks at AC holed up in my carrel unit studying away for the IB exams. So I thought I’d be a good time to look back at my various workspaces of the last two years.

I have to say I can’t really remember where I spent most of first term. I think it was largely in the quite-room of Morgannwg. Term 2 was when I moved into the library, later to be joined by Sunley about a year ago. I do recall spending October Break of first year in a carrel unit since most people were off traveling. But since Carrel Units are meant for second years, it wasn’t until Term 3 that I properly moved into S12 where I am currently based. I’ve moved things around and changed my workspace about once or twice a term, but this current set-up will probably stay until exams are over.

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