WIDPSC 2012 – Grand Finals results

This is in addition to the results I noted in the previous WIDPSC 2012 post. Thanks to Ryan Tang for these details.

Only 2 individuals made it to 2 Grand Finals, them being Anisah Mahomed (Canada) for Debaing and Persuasive Speaking, and Neil Kemister (Australia) for Impormptu Speaking and After Dinner Speech. Interesting to note that Canada swept into the Debating Grand Finals and although Canada is quite strong in the individual standings, they were not as heavily represented in the Grand Finals, although they do have 6 of the 12 spots. Of the 5 Grand Finals, 3 of them were won by the person with the higher ranking after the initial preliminary rounds. Interestingly, only 2 of the events saw the top ranking individual of the preliminary rounds make it to the Grand Final.

Anisah Mahomed (Canada) {1}
Connor Campbell (Canada) {2} [Champion]
Ella Thomson (Canada) {8}
Robert Sniderman (Canada) {4}

Impromptu Speech:
Priyanka Sekhar (USA) {3} [Champion]
Neil Kemister (Australia) {10}

Interperative Reading:
Lucien Wang (Hong Kong) {6} [Champion]
Ryan Pistorius (Canada) {1}

Persuasive Speaking:
Natasha Dusabe (South Africa) {4} [Champion]
Anisah Mahomed (Canada) {6}

After Dinner Speech:
Neil Kemister (Australia) {4} [Champion]
Spencer Murray (USA) {5}


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