Bangladesh National Debate Competition 2012 [MOTIONS]

Prepared motions for the 2012 National Debate Competition in Bangladesh. The competition features a total of 5 preliminary rounds followed by quarter, semi and grand finals.

Market role on environment
1. THW introduce trash tax
2. THBT private companies should offer micro credit scheme for Africans to install solar panels on their houses
3. THW oblige extraction companies to invest in renewable energy

Global Environment
1. THBT the international community should create a treaty giving jurisdiction to any signatory to investigate, prosecute, and punish major crimes against the environment wherever committed
2. THBT EU Emission Trading System is not a reliable means to fight against climate change
3. THW make commitment in Rio+20 (Kyoto Protocol) a pre-requisite for (continuation of) WTO membership

1. TH supports Eurobond to solve EU debt crisis
2. In times of crisis, THBT protectionism is the way to go
3. THBT during crisis, it’s justified to limit/censor news that put negative sentiments on the economy