Project Week 2012 – Camino de Santiago Day 6

As we inched closer to Santiago, things seemed to blur more. To be honest, I remember little about the walk itself. We did pass through more and more scenic rocky and sandy track which were more natural and picturesque. On top fo theat, the town we wanted to get to, Padron, had a bigger sister right next to it called Pontenerse. This meant that as we ambled down the hill, happily thinking about the time we could finally take our shoes off, we were in fact staring at Pontenerse and not Padron itself.

Just before we reached the monastery where we were going to stay, we passed a park. Really just a massive spread of sand to be more exact. The only interesting thing was that the trees t hat grew on either side were pruned so that they stretched towards the middle. In one case, they even connected in the middle. COol biological feature, however you look at it.

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The pilgrim’s hostel where we stayed was just beautiful. On the side of a local monastery, the old building was furnished with wooden bunk beds that meant for the first time we could sit on the bottom bunk without bumping our heads against the bottom of the top bunk. The construction of it was beautiful and although the lights didn’t work too well, the setting was just stunning.

Sadly, our dinner was cut short a bit by a rather angry hostel volunteer who demanded our return at 10pm promptly. She even reportedly threatened to contact the police. We realized the next day however, that the door was never actually locked… hmm. It was mostly an early evening as most of us crashed to bed pretty soon after we got back. That said, it wasn’t until this evening that I noticed that I was sleeping significantly earlier than I would have back at AC.