ALSA E-comp 2012 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 2012 ALSA English Debate Competition held in Indonesia. The competition has both a high-school and varsity category.

High School

Environment and Animal Welfare
TH supports Bank Indonesia’s Green Banking policy
THBT the exclusive property right of indigenous people in forests should be contingent on their capability to preserve it
THW allow cloning of endangered and extinct species of animals

Media and Expression
THW criminalize entities that actively spread doomsday or end of the world predictions
THW acknowledge hacktivism as a legitimate form of protest
THBT the state should never regulate any form of expression that positively portrays eating disorders

TH prefers China than the West in assisting the development of African economies
THW impose Bachelor Tax
THBT all government owned companies in Indonesia should offer their stocks to the public through Initial Public Offering (IPO)

International Issues
THBT the West should supply arms to Syrian rebels
TH supports the European Union’s economic sanctions to Belarus
THBT Japan should provide reparation costs to the victims and their family of the Nanking Massacre incident


International Issues
THBT newly democratized nations have a moral duty to grant the access of natural resources exploration projects to countries that actively contributed to the revolution
THBT the French government should criminalize denial of the Armenian Genocide
THW abandon military campaign and seek negotiated peace with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)

THW lower the burden of proof in organized crimes trials from Beyond Reasonable Doubt into Balance of Probability
THW allow spouses to testify, either for or against, their partners in court
THW stop using the Sex Offender Registry

Health and Bioethics
THW allow unconditional extraction of DNA/cells from patients by scientists & researchers
TH opposes the European Union’s ban on stem cell patents
THBT parents should not be allowed to apply their children for any medical treatments without the children’s consent

National Issues
THBT Indonesian government should use a Truth and Reconciliation Commission instead of the court system to solve the New Order’s past injustices
THW directly elect the National Chief of Police
THW ban all political polls before any election