Project Week 2012 – Camino de Santiago Day 5

Our longest day of walking yet, but surprisingly, I felt more ready than usual. We left for some quality hot chocolate and croissant in the historical centre of Pontevedra. Beautiful place, lovely architecture and good food. We’d had no rain and I’d finally been neat enough to fit everything into one bag which didn’t have lots of extra lots dangling around. Much easier on the shoulder in my opinion. We also got a lot more track which meant our heaving boots actually came in use. The walk was beautiful, a quite flat stroll along woodland, meeting the trainline a few times as we climbed up under the shade of the trees.

We had a beautiful lunch at the top at a small cafe. One of the best meals ever. Sausage and eggs sound normal, but when done nicely and eaten at the top of a hell in Spain, they were just perfect. Also cooked really well, although I don’t usually like eggs sunny side up. The long lunch break did mean we didn’t start till quite late and although the downhill walk was fine, we didn’t get into town until quite late. This included our elusive search for the Hot Springs that turned out to be just a stone throw away from our hostel.

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When we arrived, we were welcomed by our new-found fellow German and Spanish pilgrims who had walked the same distance, albeit at a much faster speed. Blister management and a quick shower later, we headed out in search of dinner. Apparently, we had arrived too early, despite only getting to the hostel just before nightfall. Most of the places we approached weren’t read to accommodate so many people in one go. Eventually, we managed to find food at a restaurant, and after we got back, literally everyone crashed into bed almost as soon as we got back. In fact, we woke up an hour later than usual the next day which thankfully didn’t cause too many problems.