Project Week 2012 – Camino de Santiago Day 4

Blisters had developed and my legs were starting to tire on just our 3rd day of walking. The bag sags on you as you wonder how much longer there is left. In fairness, this was a much easier walk than most days, although we had two little hills. The lack of rain probably helped and we were getting progressively more track than concrete which I prefer.

We had a ton of food though. Breakfast twice (Flan, drink and toast), Lunch just once (Sandwich) on the beach, and Dinner three times? (Sandwich, Supper and I even got some mouth watering chocolate at Valor in Pontevedra). At least I have a good excuse, I walked a lot!

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Pontevedra in a proper city. Lovely old architecture and shops and even multi story buildings! A pity it was mostly closed because it was Sunday when we got there. Would actually have liked to have stayed an extra day in Pontevedra. Not sure my feet would agree, but wouldn’t have minded walking faster if it meant time in Pontevedra. It is after-all the provincial capital of Galicia.

This time we got back in time and didn’t get locked out. Earlier and earlier nights for us, although we definitely need the sleep. So much to do, I’m glad that this trip gave me a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of life and really take my time slacking around. Ironically, the hostel had a computer with internet which let me check my email and facebook. But with the longest day of walking yet still ahead of us, we settled down for a relatively early night. For the time begin, just getting more sleep is a treat. Hopefully I won’t get any more blisters than I already have.