Project Week 2012 – Camino de Santiago Day 3

2nd day of walking and we were already hitting rain. Time to get out the rain coat, black bin bag and the lot. The on and off rain caused a few problems, especially cause it was quite hot but you didn’t want to take your stuff off in case it rained anytime soon. The walking itself was quite good, we had our 1st hill of the trip, but thankfully didn’t hit too many problems.

The problem, rather than rain, was probably the dog which we met mid-way and which decided to follow us and got hit by a car while trying to cross the road. Not exactly the best event of the day, but at least it escaped with just a limp.

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We arrived in Redondela quite early on which gave us lots of time to explore. The old architecture was generally fascinating and once again all the people were out at six, milling around and hanging out in the public places. Very casual and very active city centre in contrast to the dead city centres in Hong Kong and even the UK. At least not at those afternoon hours. I suppose that’s one of the most different cultural aspects of Spain. you’d never see people just hanging around in a playground at 5 or 6pm. Got myself a really useful raincoat in Redondela. Probably should have gotten a thicker one to deal with the rain and wind, but at least I got one.

Dinner was amazing, and unbelievable cheap. Just €9 for the whole lot. Only problem was that we didn’t look at the time when we were eating and ended up getting locked out of the hostel. Ended up having to use the fire exit to get in. At least we didn’t need to climb the pipes or anything. Perfect ending to a brilliant day! =]