Project Week 2012 – Camino de Santiago Day 2

Woke up the next day in Vigo, on a train. Surprisingly not as bad as expected although it was quite cold. I got a bit confused about the mixture of Galician and Spanish, not that I could really tell them apart either way. For some reason, the roads in Vigo were named after other countries. Weird right? But in Vigo, you could see Rua de Venezuela, Rua de Costa Rica, Rua de Bolivia… not sure why, but weird all the same.

We got off in Tui and wound our way up to the Anna Santa Maria Cathedral. Massive building with lots of other bits fitted. We ourselves got our pilgrims passport with which we get stamps for all the places we go to etc and proves we’re a pilgrim. Cool stuff, although we didn’t actually hold on to them for the duration of the Camino.

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Had breakfast. Not sure I’d really call croissant and tortilla and hot chocolate breakfast, but ah well. The hot chocolate was like nothing I’d ever had before. It was stick and gluey. Someone compared it to caramel, without the sweetness though. I literally ate it all with a spoon rather than drink it. There was no way to drink it really.

After that, we started the walking. Mostly concrete which wasn’t good for my feet given I’d brought proper hiking boots over. Good scenery and the lack of rain made i easier for all. We found our planned lunch spot had closed, which was a pity. Ended up eating tapas (side dishes) at the ‘Buga’, a little further along. We got to the Albergue de peregrine (Pilgrim’s Hostel) pretty early. So we went back out to walk around Porrino and I ended up in a library with Laurance (Thai 1st year). We cooked dinner at the hostel which was kinda good. Not the worlds best food, but good enough after the first day of walking> Quite filing in fact, since we also had cake and strawberries in the evening.