Project Week 2012 – Camino de Santiago Day 1

12:45 and we were off to Bristol. I pretty much slept most if not all of the way there. Mocks definitely hadn’t helped my sleep pattern so it was probably a good thing I caught up on some sleep. I woke up just as we pulled into Bristol Airport. Groggy and still sleepy, we dragged ourselves off the bus and set about waiting for the currency exchange to process our multitude of request, or maybe just 1 really big request.

Bristol Airport, has, in my opinion, a really weird layout. They’ve chosen not to utilize the space along the extensions for gates, but that just leaves a lot of aimless walking in white halls. And the gates are announced only 50 minutes before take=off time. Small airport aside, it is still too late. Maybe I’m just accustomed to knowing my gate when I arrive 1 and a half hour early for check-in. Thanks Hong Kong!

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Saw this absolutely tiny plane land at Bristol. At 1st I thought it was just a model plane, until I realized there was a whole 2nd private terminal full of these babies. It was probably a private plane with 1 or 2 people in each.

East Jet beats Ryan Air by quite a bit. Maybe not for prices, but they seemed less strict than Ryan Air and they don’t leave seats for luggage… or was that me being unlucky last time? In any case, it consisted of some more sleeping.

Madrid airport was a bit old and needed lots of walking. Maybe Terminal 1 just has a weird layout. I’m going to say at this point, I don’t like many airport layouts except HK. Even Singapore is a bit weird with multiple terminals, thankfully they have lots of stuff to entertain you in-between. Some airports are just awful, and some are bearable and/or not too bad. Madrid Airport was actually bearable, I guess it’s age is a good excuse.

After a fair bit of metro travelling, we ended up on the train to Vigo. A not so long day over and we rested our tired bodies on the sleeper train. European sleeper trains seem more presentable on the inside but also seem to be a fair bit narrower than Chinese ones. At least the beds felt shorter, although they did have a basin and mirror in the cabin as well.