WSDC 2013 – Team Philippines Training Pool

Joining a number of other countries who are taking advantage of the longer preperation period for WSDC 2013 which is to be held in Turkey, Team Philippines is once again forming a training squad “from which we (World Schools Philippines Inc.) intend to exclusively train and select the members of the Philippine team to the tournament in Turkey and beyond”

Initial trials were held on February 25 at #18 12th Avenue, Murphy, Cubao, Philippines. The 8 who have been selected to form part of the 2012 Philippine Team Training Pool are:

  • Anton Sison
  • Alex Agcaolili
  • Abigail Yu
  • Marc Matsubara
  • Michael Keppler
  • Raynard Lao
  • Donald Felbaum {Member of Team Philippines WSDC 2011, 2012}
  • Mariella Salazar {Member of Team Philippines WSDC 2011, 2012}

Source: Team Philippines WSDC Facebook Page