LAZFEST Debate Competition 2012 [MOTIONS]

Prepared motions for the 2012 LAZFEST Debate Competition hosted by SMA Lazuardi in Indonesia from the 1 – 2 March 2012.

1. THW grant absolute freedom for the establishment of religious building
2. THW disband FPI
3. THBT true democracy can only be achieved by the means of secularism

1. THW impose high VAT
2. THBT Greece is better off outside from Euro Zone
3. THW use Yuan as the world main currency

1. THW subsidize abortions
2. THW allow assisted suicide
3. THBT doctors should be allowed to lie in order to augment a placebo-effect for their patients

World Peace
1. THW abolish veto right for UN security council
2. THBT unilateral forces should go to Syria
3. THBT the Internet freedom brings more harm than good