AC MUN 2012 – Part 3

One of the most interesting aspects of Model United Nations is the use of notes. At HKMUN where I started, we had internet access during the conference, which made communication quite easy. Nevertheless, we still had a significant amount of odd notes that got passed around, with the usual flirting as well as just odd notes. It was at HKMUN that I got into the practice of picking up all my notes just in case the Press Corp ever picked up anything. This time, at AC MUN 2012, I was not a delegate, so I made an effort of going round to pick up notes lying around. Some of the notes were published in MUNk, the Press Corp’s publication. There are of course numerous serious notes, but here’s a cool collection of those that haven’t been published which I found interesting nevertheless.

Funny for MUNers

I know nothing about Mongolia 😦


Just to be sure, I should be supporting what my country thinks, correct?

Someone stuck between MUN and leisure

I agree with finishing as soon as possible, but I still want to express my countries opinion, so let’s keep the quality. Btw, what do you want to do tonight and this afternoon?

Between China and North Korea

Are you friends with N. Korea? Comunist brothers?
– N.K.

The awkward moment when the research you’ve done For NK is on your bedside table, unread yet…
Basically I have no idea…
Well see how I’m feeling 🙂
– China

The delgate of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea takes that as a YES!
– N.K.

Note: The situation in Asia and North Korea was the topic

Absolutely random ones
From the UK to the Chair


From the same person who spells deligate

The deligate from Somalia is the definition of dedication and commitment to the UN

The deligate from Nigeria brings out the best of an African Woman

The deligate from Tunisia makes a hoodie look suave

The deligate from Lesotho shows that tie less is quite pimp

Saudi Arabia to South Africa


Iraq to Admin


The admin does not support the Kidnaption of the Deg of Iraq

US to China

Nice try at bullshitting.
Put the hat back on, the costume works for you

Love notes
To someone who-shall-not-be-named

Hey XXX,
I think you are so cute!
I am swooned by how adorable you are.
Yours secret admirer!

To the same person but with different handwriting

I wish you knew how much
I like you
Secret Admirer


You know that I love you. But I can’t marry you because I am gay!
I Love you more than my life. Seriously.


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