Malang High-School Open Challenge 2012 [MOTIONS]

Prepared motions for the Malang High-School Open Challenge 2012 in Indonesia.

1. THW substitute US military base with ASEAN military base
2. THBT Reproduction Health bill is only a society myth
3. TH still distrust government of Myanmar in general election result

Legal & Ethic
1. TH support offensive public service advertisement
2. THBT PETA promotion on animal protection through porn is unethical
3. THBT the distribution of porn content by third-party is liable to be punished

1. TH regret the ratification of Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
2. THW ratify Rome Statute
3. THBT the candidacy of mass media owner as president is premature

Education & Psychology
1. THW impose mental health institutes to provide Biopsychosocial Model Therapy
2. THBT psychological test as a requirement to enter university backlashes with the idea of education for all
3. THW say 1,7% quota for “special need” kids is not sufficient to accommodate their needs of education