Brawijaya English Tournament 2012 [MOTIONS]

Prepared motions for the Brawijaya English Tournament 2012 to be held in Indonesia. Visit for more information.

1. THW legalize assisting suicide website
2. THW ban arranged marriage
3. THBT affirmative action brings more harm than good

1. THW allow an independent candidate to run for president
2. THBT decentralization has failed
3. TH should give independence to Papua.

1. THBT Asia should welcome Chinese Military Expansion
2. TH regrets Myanmar’s appointment as future ASEAN chair
3. THW have the African Union take over all peacekeeping duties in Africa

1. THBT parents should be responsible toward their children’s crime
2. THW require Children’s consent for parent divorce
3. THBT parental consent should be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions

1. THW ban boxing
2. THW legalize use of performance enhancing drugs in sport
3. THBT hosting Olympic is a good investment