WSDC 2012 – Top 10 Speakers

I’m still waiting for the WSDC organizers to upload the full speaker tab along with EFl and ESL best speakers. Since I’m not attending WSDC 2012, I wasn’t able to get any info from the closing ceremony when these awards are usually given out. Nevertheless, facebook and twitter have combined to give us the top 10 speakers who were awarded during the closing ceremony.

It should be noted that Teoh Ren Jie wins the Best Speaker award for the second year in a row, after ranking top at WSDC 2011. Those who recieved a Best Speaker ranking at WSDC 2011 are noted below.

  • 1. Teoh Ren Jie (Singapore) {Ranked 1st at WSDC 2011}
  • 2. Sam Collier (England)
  • 3. Alfie Hinchliffe (Scotland) {Ranked 27th at WSDC 2011}
  • 4. Michael Macklin (South Africa) {Ranked 16th at WSDC 2011}
  • 5. Natasha Rachman (England)
  • 6. Akshay Kishan Karia (England) {Ranked 12th at WSDC 2011}
  • 7. Ned Lis-Clarke (Australia) {Ranked 9th at WSDC 2011}
  • 8. Ben Goldstein (England)
  • 9. Darion Hotan (Singapore)
  • 10. Bo Seo (Australia) {Ranked joint 5th at WSDC 2011}

A compilation from facebook and Revaldi N. Wirabuana. Many thanks!


    1. Glad to know you found the information useful. I will update with a full round-up of WSDC 2012 once all the speaker tabs are out. I’m still waiting for the organizers to actually release this information. Hopefully they will do so shortly.

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