WSDC 2012 – Motions

Adj Test: THW make voting compulsory
R1: THW ban alcohol {Impromptu}
R2: THBT newly democratised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections {Prepared}
R3: THW allow single parents in prison to raise their children behind bars {Impromptu}
R4: THBT developing nations should place limits on internal rural-urban migration {Prepared}
R5: THBT the police should use racial profiling when fighting crime {Impromptu} Defition of racial provided by organizers “the singling out of an individual from a group on the basis of race”
R6: THBT the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography {Prepared}
R7: THS Child Labour in the Developing World {Impromptu}
R8: THBT states should enshrine legally actionable socio-economic rights {Prepared}
OF: THBT the govt should create special schools that teach in endangered indigenous languages {Impromptu}
QF: THBT Gay rights organizations should out gay public figures {Impromptu}
SF: THS 100% tax on all inherited wealth {Impromptu}
GF: TH regrets South Africa’s decision to use the Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed under Apartheid {Prepared}
Reserve: THBT government run broadcasting stations should give airtime to racist political parties {Used between India and Mexico in R5}

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