WSDC 2012 – SF Results and Grand Final Match-up

Quarterfinal Results
Motion: THS a 100% tax on inhereted wealth {Impromptu}
SF1: Philippines (Proposition – 8) vs. Scotland (Opposition – 5) ~~~ 6-1 Scotland (Opposition) @Kristenbosch Botanical Gardens
== Judging Panel: Steph Dick (C), Kristen Price, Josh Park, Chris Sanchez, Mehvesh Ahmed, Rocio Abril, Dan de Kadt
SF2: England (Proposition – 6) vs. Wales (Opposition – 7) ~~~ 6-1 Team (Opposition) @Kelvin Grove Country Club
== Judging Panel: Seham Areff (C), Chris Bishop, Taimur Bandey, Tracey Lee, Chris Hibbard, Iqbal Hafiedz, Eirianna Kouri
== England: Ben, Sam, Natasha, Ben
== Wales: Amy, David, Piers/Helen, David

Grand Final Match-up
Scotland (5) vs. Wales (7)

Team Scotland will make their 5th Grand Final apperance after 1998 (Runners-up), 1999 (Champions), 2001 (Runners-up) and 2007 (Champions). Scotland were semifinalists in 2010 after breaking 9th and defeating Wales and England in the knock-out rounds.
Team Wales will make history in their first ever Grand Final apperance. Their previous highest ranking came in 2010 where the team (James, David, Sarah, Josephine and Wonga) made it to the semifinals before loosing to England.

Grand Final Match-up by Total Speaker Points Ranking

Scotland (6) vs. Wales (9)

Massive thanks to Sayeqa Islam and Paidamwoyo Mangondo for live-tweeting SF2 and SF1 respectively.