WSDC 2012 – QF Results and SF Match-up

Quarterfinal Results
Motion: THBT Gay rights organizations should out gay public figures {Impromptu}
QF1: Singapore (1) vs. Philippines (8) ~~~ 5-0 Philippines (Opposition)
== Judging Panel: Christopher Bishop (C), Taiumur Bandey, Seham Areff, Iqbal Gafiedz, Eirianna Kouri
QF2: Australia (4) vs. Scotland (5) ~~~ 5-0 Scotland (Opposition)
== Judging Panel: Tracey Lee (C), Beth James, TJ Senamngern, Desley Horton, Tom McLennan
== Australia: Emma, Bo, Tyrone, Bo
QF3: England (6) vs. New Zealand (3) ~~~ 3-2 England (Opposition)
== Judging Panel: Daniel de Kadt (C), Stephanie Dick, Chris Sanchez, Chris Hibbard, Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed
== New Zealand: James, Thomas, Nick, Thomas
== England: Akshay, Ben, Sam, Akshay
QF4: Wales (7) vs. Ireland (15) ~~~ 3-2 Wales (Proposition)
== Judging Panel: Joshua Park (C), Kip Oebanda, Irene McGrath, Thng Yi Ren, Kristen Price

3 of the 4 debates were won by the opposition. Not quite an opposition sweep but interesting, especially given that it led to the downfall of a number of traditionally top teams.
3 of the 4 semifinalists are from Great Britain, meaning there is a 50 percent chance the Grand Final will be an all British affair.

Semifinal Match-up
SF1: Philippines (8) vs. Scotland (5)
SF2: England (6) vs. Wales (7)

Semifinal Match-up by Total Speaker Points Ranking
SF1: Philippines (17) vs. Scotland (6)
SF2: England (1) vs. Wales (9)


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