WSDC 2012 – Round 5 results [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The rescheduled India vs. Mexico debate was won by Team India 2-1 on the motion ‘THBT government run broadcasting stations should give airtime to racist political parties’. The debate was delayed because of a disagreement over the pre-determined definition of ‘racial profiling’ that was given to teams following the release of the motion.

Motion: THBT the police should use racial profiling when fighting crime {Impromptu}
Defition of racial provided by organizers “the singling out of an individual from a group on the basis of race”

Notable results:

  • South Africa beat England 2-1, ending their 38 consecutive unbeaten record in WSDC preliminaries
  • Wales steals a judge off New Zealand
  • South Korea steals a judge off Singapore
  • This leaves, Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa as the only 3 teams with a perfect 5-0 unbeaten record for WSDC 2012

Top team (5 win, 14 judges): Singapore
5 wins, 13 judges: New Zealand, South Africa
4 wins, 13 judges: England
4 wins, 12 judges: Australia, Scotland, South Korea, Wales,
4 wins, 11 judges: Canada, Lithuania
4 wins, 10 judges: Greece, India, Malaysia

Argentina Opp (3) defeated USA Prop (0)
Australia Opp (3) defeated Ireland Prop (0)
Botswana Opp (3) defeated Bermuda Prop (0)
Canada Prop (3) defeated Pakistan Opp (0)
Greece Prop (2) defeated Netherlands Opp (1)
Hong Kong Prop (2) defeated Israel Opp (1)
India Prop (2) defeated Mexico Opp (1) {This debate was postponed and the reserve motion was used}
Indonesia Opp (3) defeated Germany Prop (0)
Lithuania Prop (3) defeated Denmark Opp (0)
Malaysia Opp (3) defeated Czech Republic Prop (0)
New Zealand Opp (2) defeated Wales Prop (1)
Philippines Opp (3) defeated Estonia Prop (0)
Romania Opp (2) defeated China Prop (1)
Scotland Opp (3) defeated Peru Prop (0)
Singapore Prop (2) defeated Korea Opp (1)
Slovakia Opp (3) defeated Japan Prop (0)
Slovenia Opp (2) defeated Bangladesh Prop (1)
South Africa Prop (2) defeated England Opp (1)
Sri Lanka Opp (3) defeated UAE Prop (0)
Swaziland Prop (2) defeated Kuwait Opp (1)
Sweden Prop (3) defeated Nigeria Opp (0)
Thailand Opp (3) defeated Qatar Prop (0)
Turkey Prop (2) defeated Moldova Opp (1)
Zimbabwe Prop (3) defeated Mongolia Opp (0)

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