LSE Schools 2011 [MOTIONS]

Motions for the 2011 Schools Competition hosted by the London School of Economics and Political Science. The CA was Lewis Iwu.

R1: THW allow neither state or private schools to be religious in any way
R2: THW force football clubs to hold a binding poll of their fans on important issues that would affect the club
R3: THBT governments should not prosecute vigilantes that use any means necessary as a way of fighting crime in cities with an extremely high crime rate
R4: THW require companies to have half of their boards comprised of women
GF: THBT all liberal democracies should halt all aid and trade with Saudi Arabia until it liberalises significantly

The competition was won by St Paul’s A composed of Rahul Dev and Joe Levin. Joe Levin was also awarded Best Speaker at the competition.

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