Beijing Debate Open 2011 [MOTIONS]

Also known as the Sinopec Cup, the Beijing Debate Open 2011 was held on the 4th of December, featuring 56 teams and 5 preliminary rounds. 24 teams broke into the half-octos, with HFLS A (Xu Xiaotian and Zhang Tianye), the only high-school team in the tournament, defeating Cheers (Qu Jingwen and Xu Shengyu), MUC&TFSU (Huang He and Liang Rui) and GLC A (Shentu Shenyue and Geng Yangyang) to win the championship.

R0: THW make the EU (European Union) a single country
R1: THW allow women to participate in front-line combat operations
R2: THBT the children of illegal immigrants should be provided full access to state services
R3: THBT countries should deny foreign companies access to their natural resources
R4: THW ban pornography
R5: THW require companies to publish the salaries of their staff for all employees to access
Half OF: THBT China should seek to become a major participant in the reconstruction of Iraq
QF: THBT academic institutions should provide equal funding for male and female athletics programs
SF: THBT all governments should provide low-cost public housing for all citizens
GF: THW criminalize the failure to provide reasonable aid to people in distress