Motions from the 2011 Pan-African Univeristies Debating Championships hosted in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe from the 4th – 11th December 2011.

R1: THBT at no stage in their lives do children have any financial obligation to their parents
R2: THW require governments to outsource their police force to private companies
R3: THW ban political parties that use religious rhetoric in their election campaigns
R4: THW forcibly test its citizens for HIV
R5: THBT African countries should not sell any mineral rights to foreign owned companies or foreign governments
R6: THW establish vocational high schools in addition to ordinary academic high schools
R7: THW cap family spending on funerals in Africa
R8: THW establish a special tax on high earning sportsmen to fund the development of sport
R9: THBT government decisions concerning the environment should be independent of the will of the electorate
OF: THW ban the payment of bride price
QF: THW prefer Saif al Islam Gaddafi to stand trial before the ICC as opposed to being tried by the National Transitional Council in Libya
SF: THW introduce the death penalty for high profile cases of public corruption
GF: THW have the African Union take over all peacekeeping duties in Africa

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