2011 English Mace [MOTIONS]

R1: THW allow gifted students to skip years in primary and secondary school
R2: THBT all countries should abandon the fight against climate change and should just seek to adapt to its consequences
R3: (Pre-released motion) THBT all US primary elections should be held on the same day
R4: THB the EU should centrally govern all vital aspects of the economies of heavily indebted eurozone nations
R5: THBT single parents in prison should be provided with special treatment to allow them to raise their young children from behind bars
SF: THBT Pakistan should cease all assistance to the United States in the fight against the Taliban
GF: THW criminalise all forms of racist speech and behaviour, even where it falls short of directly inciting racial hatred or violence

From http://worlddebating.blogspot.com/2011/11/oxford-win-2011-english-mace.html