Awaiting the end

We’re hitting the month of December and the countdown begins. There’s another two weeks until I get back home but boy is it a busy two weeks. Classes, coursework, homework, activities, arrangements to make and the UKMT Intermediate Kangaroo Challenge in Friday. Saturday sees our end-of-term party, and once again Morgannwg *cue applause for the best student house*, we’ll have ours in the library.

As things begin to wind down, I’m allowing myself a little more breathing space. The day before yesterday, I attended what I had thought was a concert performed by students, only to find that it was in-fact student compositions performed by their music teachers. The performance was lovely and reminded me of something that I had not touched for a long time but still thoroughly enjoyed.

The winds are picking up and the number of hours with light is slowly shrinking. Getting up in the morning has never been so hard since it is literally pitch black when I go down for breakfast. Dinner at 5 is experienced in much the same conditions. I’m hoping that we get some snow before we leave, although that seems unlikely. We did have snow around this time last year, but it appears to have been an anomaly so this may turn out to be a snowless winter.

The countdown has started. now there’s just a final sprint to the end and hopefully a little more relaxing December to look forward to.