WSDC 2012 – Team Bangladesh [UPDATED]

As WSDC 2012 in Cape Town, South Africa approaches, national teams are beginning to form and training begin.

Team Bangladesh’s selection followed a similar pattern to previous years with a BDC Camp hosted by South Breeze School after which 11 debaters were selected for a second round. Of these 11, 5 were selected for the team. Nonetheless, there has been some controversy over the selection process and system of announcements, although that may be the simple result of the limited time between WSDC 2011 and WSDC 2012.

Team Bangladesh for WSDC 2012 is

  • Azraf Anwar – Sunnydale School
  • Sanjid Halim – Maple Leaf International School
  • Tasnuva Khan – The Aga Khan School
  • Wasifa Noshin – Sunnydale School {Returning member of Team Bangladesh 2011}
  • Zefroon Afsary – The Aga Khan School

Team Bangladesh will be coached by Mabroor Wassey, chair of the Bangladesh Debate Council.