Weird Sports: Running with iPods

I have personally yet to run a full marathon. The longest I’ve ever had to last is 10 deadly kilometers. I honestly have no idea how people manage to stay on target for a full 42.something kilometers, but they do – my respects. For many runners, listening to a bit of music on your iPod is a norm. You will almost never go to any running competition that doesn’t at least have one runner plugged in to their music. Perhaps that’s how people get through a marathon, but listening to something other than their own feet pounding the ground.

Oddly, that’s not allowed. Apparently, USA Track and Field (USATF) rules used to ban any use of electronic devices, including iPods. Though the rules have been relaxed, there remains a bad on elite athletes who still cannot use an iPod. Granted, elite athletes are less likely to use an iPod, they often have the ability to last through-out the 42.something kilometers, but why shouldn’t they.

I hardly see how a little bit of music gives someone an unfair advantage. If anything, having things dangling around your neck and having to carry the weight of an iPod, although small, would be the greater annoyance.

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