Bipartisan Sex Scandals

In the US, Republicans and Democrats regularly claim to be bipartisan and blame the other side for a lack of progress. Sadly, it is hard to find many examples of true bipartisanship, but if you were ever to find one, sex scandals by elected officials must surely be one of them.

Democrats had Congressman David Wu (Oregon) resign for a reported ‘unwanted sexual encounter’ with an 18 year old girl. Earlier, there was Antony Weiner for his ‘I’m not sure the photos are of my underwear and crotch’ episode. Bill Clinton and John Edward also automatically come to mind.

But Republicans have had their fair share of scandals. Congressman Christopher Lee (New York) sent shirt-less photos of himself on Craigslist while Governor Mark Stamford (South Carolina) disappeared for lengthy ‘hikes’ before they caused him to resign.

It’s a sad sign of the US Political System when one of the only true instances of bipartisanship is the number of sex scandals on both sides of the aisle.