TEDxYouth Day

It has been probably over 2 year since I learnt about TED. It was in fact my 3rd ever post on this blog. It began with the odd onlien video, followed by an almost religious following through my iTunes podcast. It was clear to me that I wouldn’t be attending a proper TED conference anytime soon. I instead decided to attempt to make my way to a TEDx conference. TEDx are independently organized events where there are TEDTalks videos and live speakers. Somehow, despite my best efforts, I have successfully avoided all TEDx Conferences that I should normally have gone to. Well, at least all the ones that were being held in Hong Kong, including TEDxYouth@HongKong. 😦

Thankfully, I recently stumbled upon TEDxYouth@Bath. Essentially, TEDxYouth Day is TEDx event, held on or around the 20th of November every year (which happens to be Universal Children’s Day) and is especially for youth. A few emails later, it now appears I’ll finally be able to attend a TEDx event, along with 3 other people from my house, Morgannwg.

If all things go well, we’ll be heading over to The Egg Theatre in Bath on the 17th and be there until around 3, attending the conference and probably checking Bath out too. Can’t wait!



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